We pay top cash for category B write off.

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We buy any bike

When we say we want any motorbike, we mean it. We’ll buy any motorbike in the UK, whether it’s brand new or scrap.
If you’ve ever tried to sell a damaged bike or vehicle privately, you’ll know how much hassle it can be.
That’s why we’ve made it really quick and easy to sell your vehicle with just a few clicks.
No Hassle, No Timewasters.
It’s quick and easy – with none of the hassle of classified ads or auction sites.
Our price promise means you won’t get a better quote anywhere. Just say “Sell my damaged bike” and get a free car valuation in minutes.
No timewasters – agree to our quote and we’ll do the rest.
No waiting around for cash – payment is prompt and secure
We will buy any motorbike, even if it’s failed its MOT or has no road tax.,write off,damaged, etc . Just read some tips in our faq to be sure that you are well prepared to get rid of your bike.

Sell my damaged bike

We collect any bike – 24 hours, 7 days per week. Would you like us to buy a bike? Then tell us, what is the best hour to collect it. We have a “BREAKERS” licence- it means that you will sell your  category B vehicle in a legal way. You don’t have to worry about any documents, which are obligatory during scraping your bike. We are professionals, that’s why we are able to buy any bike from you.