Scrap my bike? We can help you.

We are the damaged bikes and spares motorbike buyers. Scrap your bike with us.

You say scrap my bike? Don’t say a word… Get your motorcykle to be picked up the same day. “Cash For Damaged Bike” makes it easy to sell your Write off motorbike within one day!

Step 1: Contact us today or fill the form.

We buy motorcycles, sport bike, spare parts, Write off for cash in every city in the UK and Ireland. As soon as we collect your bike,  you will get money. Our car carriers are waiting for your call every day, that’s why we will probably be able to collect your bike within the same day.

First, we need to know as much as it’s possible about your motorbike and loacation. You can write it in the form, but you are also welcome to call us at WhatsApp 07742730771 .



Scrap my bike

Scrap my bike

Step 2:  Let’s speak about money. – “Sell my damaged bike!”

We work hard to make you the best offer when you sell your bike for cash. We are proud to say, that usually we pay top cash for your bike , Write off motorbike or spares motorbike.

We pay top cash for category B write off!

We are ready to answer your questions and work with you to get the motorcycle priced. When you have agreed to our price, you are ready to get your motorcycle picked up and paid for.



Scrap my bike

Scrap my bike

Step 3: We collect and pay for your bike in the same day.– “Scrap my bike.”

When your bike is ready to be picked up , you get paid and your salvage bike begins a new career! We deliver also a fully filled agreement, ready to be checked and sign. We always do our best to be on time, so you won’t be dissapointed by our being late. Scrap your bike without further troubles. If you wish, visit another site to fill the form: sell motorbike